Enabling Experiential Learning In Schools


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Who We Are

Seekhley is an innovative education organization working on the initiative of enabling experiential learning for students in schools. It aims to make education hands on by relating school course with real world applications. Seekhley focusses on inculcating skills, competencies and attitude in students to make them ready for the challenges of 21st century.

It is led by professionals from IIT, IIIT, IIM, MDI with extensive work experience in India and abroad who are focused on complementing the education system with the needs of modern era

Experiential Learning

Seekhley uses experiential learning as a tool to deliver core concepts. The activities are backed by relevant research.

Future ready skill

Seekhley’s activity-based curriculum develops ‘learning from experience’ as a skill in young minds which will foster their careers.

Academic Enhancement

Seekhley increases the confidence in students which leads to their enhanced academic performance, thereby assisting the teachers.

Industrial Exposure

Seekhley’s experiential learning program consists of industrial visits and talks which help them make informed career choices.

Seekhley Experiential Learning Program (SELP)

At Seekhley, we believe that students learn the best when they experience the concepts they study in books. SELP is designed to be a hands-on learning program which ignites a passion for ‘learning by doing’ in students. It is a non-disruptive solution that builds on top of the school curriculum.

Meet The Team

Roger Garfield

Vishal Malik


Vishal Malik is an alumnus of IIIT- H and held senior leadership positions in technology firms. Before Seekhley, he started an education technology firm, EduTru that has school management products.

Roger Garfield

Anil Pahal


Anil Pahal is an IIT Delhi alumnus. He has over twelve years of experience in algorithmic trading and fund management. He has held leadership positions in various financial companies.

Roger Garfield

Naveen Balhara

Senior Manager - Operations

Naveen Balhara is an alumnus of the University of Nottingham, UK. He has over ten years of experience of operations and management of educational institutions.




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